(fee $5.00 each for statewide IL death certificates, issued 1916-1947, (inclusive) effective AUGUST 1, 2006)big>

What can you learn from your ancestor's death certificate? Click HERE to see some of the variations in death certificate formats used in Illinois!

[Need a "fishing expedition"? - click Here!]

1.    Search the IL State Archives Death Index 1916-1950 database (the link is below - and will open in a separate window) for the names/dates you're researching;

2.    When you find what you'd like to order, copy the entire line for each death record, and paste into an email message to me at - Please type something - "research", "death certificates" - in the Subject line!

[or if typing the death index information, please include the deceased's name, date of death, certificate number, county, city/town and file date if available]

NOTE: If the Death Date appears in RED, I will not be able to obtain that particular death certificate for the $5.00 fee, as the IL State Archives' holdings of IL Death Certificates only include 1916-1947 inclusive.  To obtain certificates (from anywhere in Illinois) for deaths which occurred from Jan 1, 1948 up through (today's date) 1988, click HERE.

3.    Upon receipt of your email order, I will locate and print your requested certificates;

4.    I will send an email to you, usually within 24-48 hours following receipt of your request -  to let you know of the status of your order; (i.e., completed, ready to mail, not found, etc);

5.    We then make mailing and payment arrangements, if not already designated in your email.  I use the "honesty method" - and will continue to do so - because I'm an optimist!

My fee for each Illinois Death Certificate 1916-1947 is CURRENTLY $5.00 each

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to increasing expenses, I must raise my fee to $5.00 each, effective August 1, 2006 - but at that time will NO LONGER request postage reimbursement or SASE.

No limit to the number of requests at one time - so if you have a list and would rather not wait for one-at-a-time volunteers, or have questions, please email me ... and Thank you!

NEW - "FISHING EXPEDITION" FEE - For $1.50 each, I will check & take notes on any IL death certificate 1916-1947 that you find & email me... but I will NOT print if the cert doesn't match your criteria (criteria = age, spouse's or parents' names, etc).  With this "fishing expedition" service, you'll be able to eliminate some "possibilities" without paying full price for unneeded certs~

Email me with questions, orders or comments -

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