HOWEVER - the IL State Archives will NOT accept research requests for research of any of the below-listed holdings - but I CAN and WILL - just tell me who, where & when - and I will do my best to find what you are seeking.   

Those IL Counties for which I now know the details of the contents of these LDS films owned by the IL State Archives, have been noted & "bookmarked", below.

B - Births             W - Wills         N - Naturalizations         D - Deaths

P - Probate         G - Guardianship     M - Marriages     E - Estate

COUNTY -      TYPES OF RECORDS (using above coding):

1. Adams  W, N, G

2. Alexander     B, D, M, W, P, N

3. Champaign    B, D, M, W, P, N  (Death certificates include up through 1949)

4. Clay     B, D, M, W, N, G

5. Clinton     B, D, M, W, P, N

6. DeWitt     B, D, M

7. Edwards     W, P

8. Effingham     B, D, M, W, P, N

9. Franklin         B, D, M, W, N

10. Gallatin     B, D, M, W, P, G

11. Hancock     B, D, M, W, P, N, G

12. Jackson     B, D, M, W, P, N, G

13. Jefferson     B, D, M

14. Knox             G, Galesburg city directories, scattered issues 1857-1951

15. Macon     B, D, M, W, P, N

16. Marion    B, D, M, W, P, N, G

17. Massac     B, D, M, W, P, N

18. Monroe     B, D, M, N, Estate

19. Perry         M

20. Piatt         B, D, M, W, P, N

21. Pope         B, D, M, W, P, N

22. Pulaski     B, D, M, P, N

23. Randolph (and Kaskaskia) M, P, G, Estate

24. St. Clair     M, Emancipations 1822-1832

25. Saline         B, D, M, W, P, Divorce

26. Sangamon     M, W, N, G

27. Shelby     B, D, M, W, P, N, G 

28. White         B, D, M, W, P, N

29. Whiteside     B, D, M, W, P, Chancery, Poorhouse, GAR war sketches

FRANKLIN COUNTY Details:  Franklin Co Birth index 1877-1916; Birth Record/Register 1877-1915; Delayed Births 1861-1884 and 1905-1911; Franklin Co Deaths index 1877-1915; Death Records 1877-1912; Coroner's Certificate 1910-1915;  Franklin Co Marriage Index Male & Female 1877-1924; Marriage Records 1835 - 1916;  Franklin Co Will Record 1835-1911; Index to Estate papers 1848-1970; Probate Settlement 1875-1884; Naturalization Records 1886-1909.


SHELBY COUNTY Details:  Shelby Co birth index 1848-1906; Births 1848-4877; Births 1878-1915; Shelby Co Death index/records 1878-1917; Marriage & Misc record 1827-1854; marriage records 1854-1914; marriage licenses 1913-1922; Shelby Co Probate, Wills & Guardians 1828 - 1918; Naturalization records 1858-1895; Minors 1904-1906; Docket, 1874-1888.


WHITE COUNTY Details: White Co Birth Index 1877-1919 and 1865-1935; Birth Registers 1877-1915; Stillbirth Records 1877-1917; Birth Certificates 1865-1915; White Co Death Index 1878-1912; Death Registers 1878-1915; Index to Marriage Register 1874-1945; Index to Marriage Record 1878-1924; Marriage Records 1816-1906; White Co Probate Journals/Records 1820-1885; Probate Index 1820-1869; Will Records 1816-1893; Naturalization Record, Final, 1860-1914.

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