BETWEEN January 1, 1948 through (today's date) 1986

You could download the form from the web site of IL Dept of Public Health - Vital Records division - complete the form, send a check, and wait.

- OR, if it's a Cook Co death certificate you're seeking, you could download the form from the Cook Co Clerk's web site; complete the form, send a check, and wait even longer!

- OR - I could obtain it for you, for a small upcharge to cover my time involved.


Access and Fees:

IDPH-VR has death certificates issued anywhere in Illinois - their fee is $10 for an uncertified genealogical copy of the original medical death certificate; genealogical copies include the years 1916 through 1985...   (I have access to the same genealogical death certificates, on microfilm, at the IL State Archives, for the years 1916-1947, so it's a waste of money to pay more than my $5 fee (as of Aug 1, 2006) for 1916-1947 certificates)

Cook Co Clerk's office charges $10 IF you know the certificate number (and those certificate numbers through 1950 are online in the IL death index).  Cook Co Clerk's Office charges $15.00 if the cert # is not known (i.e., after 1950). For deaths occurring within the last 25 years, their fees are higher, and their regulations are more stringent. The death certificates from Cook Co Clerk's office are exactly the same as those from IDPH-VR.

IDPH-VR currently has an approximate 4-8 week response time, for a snail-mailed request for death certificate.

Cook Co Clerk's office has an approximate 4 - 24 WEEKS response time, to a request for death certificate (but they cash your check within the first few days)


I can and will request, as a "walk-in" patron at the IDPH office - ANY Illinois death certificate issued from 1948 through 1985 (from IDPH-VR) for a fee of $17.00 each (discounted if two or more death certificates ordered at the same time - paid in advance).

To obtain a death certificate issued 1948-1986, I'll need the following information about the decedent:

First & last name of the deceased

Place of death (county is enough, if known)

Date of death (if known - or estimation of year)

D.O.B. (if known... or estimated year is enough)

Maiden name, if female (and if known)

Date last known to be alive - very helpful, especially if death date unknown!

Last known address  - also very helpful when other info is lacking!

NOTE:  Due to the expense of these documents, I MUST request payment in advance - (extremely tight budget).  I will complete and submit the application forms and payment to IDPH as soon as payment (or confirmation) is received, and SHOULD have the resulting certificates from IDPH, ready to mail you, within 2 to 4 business days.

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2006, IDPH NO LONGER ALLOWS NEXT-DAY PICKUP OF ANY VITAL RECORD COPIES - FOR ANYONE.  Their office staff was drastically reduced as of that date, due to state budget cuts.  Instead of next-day pickup, they pledge to mail out the resulting certificates within two business days after receipt of the order.

Accepted payment methods: via "snail-mail" (check, money order), or through PayPal (minimum PayPal order = $20 USD).  Postage reimbursement necessary for non-U.S. mailing addresses.

Death certificates 1948-1985 - discounts if multiple-orders at the same time:

AS to the multiple-order discount... if one orders 2 or more death certs 1948-1986 at the same time, my son suggested that I offer a discounted service.

IDPH will still charge their $10 fee for each death cert search 1948-1986, so that part cannot be discounted.

My fee for obtaining a single death cert is now $7; for the 2nd and subsequent ones (must be ordered at the same time, and paid in advance), my fee is $5 - - to cover my time involved (which includes completing the IDPH forms, submitting & paying, then awaiting IDPH's responses... verifying the results, and ensuring that the resulting certificates are mailed immediately to the requestor.

1948-1986 IDPH-VR death certificate fees
1 death cert   $ 17 ($10 for IDPH; +$7 for my service)
2 death certs $ 32 ($20 to IDPH; + $7 for the first cert +$5 for the 2nd cert)
3 death certs $ 47 ($30 to IDPH; +$7 for first cert, +$5 for each additional cert)
4 death certs $ 62 ($40 to IDPH; +$7 for first cert, +$5 for each additional cert)
5 death certs $ 77 ($50 to IDPH; +$7 for first cert, +$5 for each additional cert)
6 death certs $ 92 ($60 to IDPH; +$7 for first cert, +$5 for each additional cert)
and so on...

Email me at with questions, comments, or requests.

page updated July 2, 2006