"GENEALOGY - Confusing the dead, and annoying the living"

My name is Molly Kennedy, and I've lived in Springfield IL (or the immediate area) for most of my life.  I was #5 child of 7, born & raised in Taylorville (Christian County) IL, where my Mom still lives.

I was born in 1954, married in 1975, divorced in 1980, and raised two children, Meghan and Bryan, both of whom married their longterm sweethearts in the summer of 2007.

Meghan and Bryan in 2002

Meghan and Bryan in 2007

My ONLY income is from through revenue from genealogical research... so your timely payment for my research is very important!

Here's some fun or weird phrases that have been said to me, around me, or about me, over the past decade (or two):

"It ain't gossip if they're dead!"1
"Digging up dead people for enjoyment/fun"2
"I see dead people... and they TELL me things" 3
"Hey Mom - travel forward a few hundred years! What's for DINNER??"2
"Did you ever have that "feeling" that what you'd just found - was the "missing" link?"4

1. Overheard at IL State Archives in 2004; 2 sisters (or cousins?) found the record of an illegitimate child of a maiden aunt~
2. My daughter Meg, who sometimes appreciates genealogical research -but would rather not hear the details of the search~
3. Three of the staff of the downtown Springfield, IL, United States Postal Service branch
4. IL State Archives, winter 2003... when someone was spotted & teased, while doing the "Microfilm Happy Dance" - YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!

If you have another phrase, please let me know, and I'll post it !

All my best to you!


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